Our commitment

Sustainability is not just a fancy word to us! It's at the essence of our brand and culture. It's an everyday commitment we promise to our customers and our planet. We believe in creating a world with a conscience now and for future generations. There is a way to change the course we are on, and we're committed to raise awareness, take actions and change mind and habits.
We're producing ranges of quality and beautifully designed products that respect our planet and our social values. KAMPOS is putting our obligation to be a sustainability leader into action in 4 ways:

1. Zero-Plastic Policy: we do not use any single use plastics anywhere in our products or packaging.
2. Conscious Design & Responsible Materials: our design raises awareness of over-fishing and marine pollution that is threatening the Mediterranean Sea and our planet. All products are made of recycled plastic bottles, abandoned fishing nets, or other recycled nylon and/or organic fabrics. Find out more about our materials and products.
3. Recyclable packaging: we use recycled materials for our consumer packaging. They are 100% recyclable and are FSC/PEFC certified.
4. Marine Pollution: we’re an official partner of the non-profit organisation, One Ocean Foundation, that plays a key role to highlight and fight ocean issues globally.

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      作为 One Ocean Foundation 的官方合作伙伴,我们捐赠的部分收入将用于进一步清理海洋和海岸线。One Ocean Foundation 是切尔沃港翡翠海岸游艇俱乐部(Yacht Club Costa Smeralda,简称 YCCS)成立的非盈利组织。One Ocean Foundation 的日常事务包括从教育、科研支持、沟通交流、体育竞技等各类活动。该机构的使命是提升环保意识,激发不同年龄、不同层次的所有利益相关者为保护海洋生态系统,一同建立有建设性的合作关系。

      One Ocean Foundation 的愿景是提供实实在的帮助,在全球范围内协助所有利益相关方重视及解决海洋问题,并开发出专注于海洋的领先平台。该机构的主要目标之一是汇集、联合和增强为全球海洋发声的声音。