Equality & Inclusion

We are committed to create a world which values and empowers equality and inclusion. Our approach consists of guaranteeing equal access and opportunity to learn, grow and succeed to everyone.


We believe in equality

More than 80% of our employees are women and they hold most of the top executive positions in the company. We guarantee their financial independence, and we are committed to equally pay women and men.

We provide equal opportunities for the LGBTQ+ community. We want to encourage social change and combat discrimination as we believe in a world with equal voice and equal representation for all individuals.

We offer professional development opportunities for all employees. We provide trainings and new career opportunities as we expand our business. We also conduct regular interviews to ensure the happiness and well-being of each employee.

Our company is committed to offer at least 20% above the minimum standard wage.


We believe in inclusion

We believe in empowering employees to help them thrive and cultivate their talent. Our company focuses on unlocking the real potential of each individual and give them the necessary tools to succeed.

We encourage uniqueness and we aspire to create strength and purpose through diversity.