Campaign Summer 2020


These photographed models meld into the Mediterranean landscape with a pure and majestic acclaim casting refined silhouettes. The fine and sinuous lines of the female models match the plush and vibrant foliage lining the Mediterranean Sea. And the male models chiseled and defined bodies are accentuated against the backdrop of the  white, soft historical architecture. These men and women, and their outfits, are illuminated by the bright, strong sunlight that reflects off the water, casting magnificent shadows of absolute beauty.  

Art directed by Roberto Da Pozzo. The campaign has been coordinated by CARLA POZZI Agency.


Clear, transparent, rich and deep blue water, it seemingly divides all that lies below and above. After all, water is the essence of life, of regeneration and through which all life intersects. It can give us the illusion that we are all friends. On a deeper level, water serves a critical function in the environment by dividing the space between plastic bottles, fishing nets and products that litter the oceans and seas. In this way, water serves its historical purpose and symbolic value of regeneration, of reconstituting that which has been discarded. In these images, water divides the space between plastic bottles and fishing nets, which appear benevolent friends but are, in reality, bitter foes. Underlined by chromatic combinations bestowed with grace, the outfits reveal a magical, mystique origin, which started from recycling of plastic bottles and fishing nets.

Art directed by Roberto Da Pozzo. The campaign has been shot by Luigi Ziliani (Wookiee Studio) and coordinated by CARLA POZZI Agency.


Campaign Images