Meet the Team

The KAMPOS team is comprised of friends who have a deep affection for the Mediterranean Sea and its associated lifestyle. The team came together inspired by a desire to maintain the pristine image of the Mediterranean and a common goal to preserve its cleanliness, sustain the marine that brings it to life and ensure its vibrancy for generations to come. A bevy of high fashion clothing and accessories made from recycled materials like plastic bottles and abandoned or “ghost” fishing nets, as well as other 100% organic fabrics, many of which are threatening the future of those who live in countries surrounding the Mediterranean and the marine life that live within it.

Alessandro Vergano

Founder & CEO

Loretta Biondo

Global Sales Director

Patricia Capuchino

Head of Finance and Human Resources

Sanghyun Yu

Managing Director South Korea

Claudia Compagni

Marketing Manager

Barbara Manca

Visual merchandising