We are a new brand with big ambitions.

KAMPOS is a Milan-based luxury Italian consumer goods company that supports a socially responsible line of products and accessories. Born out of an idea of a young Italian entrepreneur with a group of friends from all over the world, KAMPOS celebrates the Mediterranean and its lifestyle.

KAMPOS’ unique selling proposition is predicated on raising awareness of over-fishing and marine pollution by offering consumers clothing that is made of recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets or sustainable and organic fabrics. To that end, KAMPOS is an official partner of One Ocean Foundation, a non-profit founded in Porto Cervo, Italy, whose aim is to accelerate solutions to ocean issues promoting sustainable blue economy and enhancing knowledge through ocean literacy.

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The inspiration

The KAMPOS brand is rooted in our passion for the Mediterranean Sea and its role as the epicenter of all modern civilizations, inspiring cultures and populations for thousands of years. In all its majesty, the Mediterranean region is home to some of the world’s oldest traditions and an international biodiversity hotspot with many unique species and natural resources.

It is no mistake that the inspiration for KAMPOS was derived from a deep love of the Mediterranean’s history and the beauty it exudes. From sunrise to sunset, the Sea invites the senses to explore. There is an explosion of bright and vivid colors, thousands of shades of blue with ivory tipped waves cresting onto white and pink sandy beaches, and evergreen vegetation painting the landscape. The wind wisps the waves towards the shores, gently kissing the coastland’s red granite rocks, making their surfaces smooth to the touch. And the delicate scents of myrtle and rosemary evoke memories that last for an eternity.

From the depths of the Mediterranean comes a resonating strength as well as our brand name, KAMPOS, derived from κάμπος, a Greek word which translates into “Sea Creature”. In Roman and Greek cultures, it was sacred to Neptune and Poseidon. It is considered a symbol of power, authority and good fortune embodying strong emotions and intuitions.


And so, against the backdrop of an abiding affection and respect for the Sea, and a reverence for the mystique it holds, the KAMPOS brand was born in 2019, in Costa Smeralda, Sardinia (Italy), in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Our idea then was – and our motivating philosophy moving forward is –to create products that represent a way of living, encourage respect for each other and nature, and create a style that is as empowering as the Mediterranean Sea.

In our own, unique way, we believe it is our social responsibility to protect the Mediterranean so future generations can enjoy its beauty. Every KAMPOS product supports this mission and will include information to educate consumers about our collective role in sustainability across the globe.

The brand manifesto

Our purpose is to offer luxury with a conscience, now and for the generations to come.

We at KAMPOS believe that:

-      Life is a cycle

-      Diversity is our norm

-      Quality = durability

-      Respect is for everyone and for our Planet

-      Sustainability = longevity for all

-      The Mediterranean is our Muse

-      Transparency is our commitment