Campaign Winter 2021


A walk along a deserted beach in winter, a cold and pleasant sea breeze and an endless feeling of freedom, is the universe in which we’ve decided to transport you through our second campaign, named ‘Winter by the Sea’.

Our story finds its inspirations in the radiant energies between sea, air and nature during the winter days. We promise an elevated, effortless, and timeless chic style and explore the beauty and innovation behind recycled and sustainably sourced materials. Composed of over 20 unique products for both men and women, our permanent ready-to-wear line is elegant, refined and designed to last. Turtleneck jumpers, reversible gilets and rain jackets are reinterpreted with blue, green, and grey shades while the cotton and cashmere fabrics are reimagined in an innovative and sustainable way.


The campaign was shot on the magical and iconic Sardinian coastline, Costa Smeralda. The models, Marica Pellegrinelli and Simone Susinna, meld perfectly into the Mediterranean landscape with their refined silhouettes. The fine and sinuous lines of the female model define the subtle, strong and vulnerable traits of the KAMPOS woman. The male model walks with confidence, cares and protects his environment, characterizing the KAMPOS man. Together, the female and male models and their outfits represent KAMPOS’ absolute inner values of integrity, respect and freedom.

The campaign was art directed by Roberto Da Pozzo, photographed by Federico De Angelis and coordinated by CARLA POZZI Agency.

Campaign Images