Campaign Winter 2022

campaign summer intro image


Silhouettes emerge. Emotions are intense. Dreams become true.

The KAMPOS Winter 2022 Campaign is the promise of powerful emotions, endless Mediterranean summers, and magical memories by the Sea. From sunrise to sunset, it celebrates every moment of life intentionally and intensively.

The sun is rising, and a soft wind blows over the sand of an empty beach. An off-white veil is floating in the air, creating an artistic scene. The sunset arouses passion and desire, and the endless horizon takes us to new and distant places. We feel on the edge of the world. We are free to be who we are and live our life in alignment with nature.

The exquisite selection of products achieves a timeless and classic look. The colors blend together beautifully and evoke confidence and elegance. The vibrant Mediterranean blue adds just the right dose of color.

The refined silhouettes of the models, Barbara Nepomuceno and Paul Ferrari, meld perfectly into the Sardinian landscape. The fine and sinuous lines of the female model define the elegant and feminine traits of the KAMPOS woman. The male model is confident and charming, characterizing the KAMPOS man. Together, they represent KAMPOS’ absolute inner values of integrity, respect, and freedom.

The campaign was art directed by Creative Director, Alessandro di Lorenzo, and photographed by Filippo Maffei.

KAMPOS collaborated with Italian photographer Filippo Maffei for the first time. Born and raised on the coast of Tuscany (Italy), Filippo is interested in telling real stories and is passionate about capturing powerful photographs. His love for the ocean leads him to undertake several journeys which make his work focalized on travel reportages, portraits, and photography.

Campaign Images