FAQs - Sustainability

How do you guarantee an ethical and sustainable approach from your suppliers?

We have set strict guidelines and principles with all our suppliers as outlined in our Supplier Code of Conduct. Our suppliers must agree to our Supplier Code of Conduct to work with us. All our partners commit to comply with all quality, health and environmental regulations and minimise or/and eliminate negative impacts on the environment. They guarantee the production of climate-friendly products with regulated manufacturing processes that minimise textile waste and reduce power consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

How frequently do you conduct supply chain audits?

We conduct planned and unplanned supply chain audits. We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that ethical standards and best sustainable practices are adhered to at all times. This involves ensuring the right production processes and quality assurance steps are being respected. We organize quarterly supply chain audits with each supplier and every quarter, we plan 1 to 3 unplanned visits.

How do you tack results of your supply chain audits?

We want to push boundaries and challenge the status quo. We work closely with all our suppliers to improve results on a yearly basis. Together, we re-think the source of materials and the current production methods.

For each supplier, we set targets. During our annual meeting, we review and report results about key components including carbon footprint, water consumption and pollution and waste. In 2021, we reported that the use of recycled materials (80% of our total production) helped us reduce negative impacts on the environmental from waste to carbon footprint and land use.

Do you test your products on animals?

Absolutely not. We refuse to harm animals in the manufacturing or testing process of our products.

What is your position with materials which derive from animals?

We are extremely sensitive to animal welfare. We only purchase materials from the most highly regarded suppliers who can guarantee full traceability and certifications. We have developed an animal welfare policy and our suppliers must adhere to it. Our animal welfare policy is described in our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Who are your suppliers?

We work with 7 suppliers, all based in Italy: Aquarelle, Creazioni Digitali, Canepa, Danor, Giovanna Locatelli, Premi Spa and Cintelli and Galluzzo. They are small to medium-sized businesses, which guarantee full transparency, traceability, quality, and respect towards humans and the environment. They ensure fair wages for all workers and comply with the applicable national wage laws. All the products are 100% Made in Italy. Read more about our suppliers here.

Do your suppliers recycle their water?

Three of our main suppliers introduced wastewater treatment plant in order to reduce the consumption of water. Aquarelle recycles and reuses the 35% of the wastewater. Creazioni Digitali has presented an exceptional innovation: GreenDrop, a digital pigment printing on all types of fabrics. This technology has a better environmental impact since the use of water is reduced to a minimum as the classic treatments of steaming and washing the fabric are no longer necessary. The Canepa company has created the ‘SAVEtheWATER® - Kitotex®’ patent, which – using non-toxic, biocompatible and biodegradable natural materials, obtained from chitinous matter found in the exoskeletons of arthropods – allows the reduction of water and energy consumption by 95% and enables the significant elimination of pollutants (CNR Biella certification).

How do you make your dyeing process sustainable?

We work with the top natural and synthetic dyes available in Italy. We require from our suppliers to prioritize innovative and sustainable dyeing techniques that reduce our footprint as much as possible. They use certified and recognized processes such as STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and follow strict protocols such as ZERO DISCHARGE OF HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS (ZDHC) protocol.