Newlife™: Recycled PET Made In Italy

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Newlife™: Recycled PET Made In Italy

Protecting the environment should be an ongoing commitment. At KAMPOS, we are committed to guaranteeing a sustainable and responsible approach at every stage of the product life cycle. From materials to production and packaging, our commitment always remains the same. Products are made from sustainable materials such as Newlife™ recycled PET.

Newlife™ Recycled PET: What is it?

Polyethylene terephthalate, commonly abbreviated PET, is a synthetic polymer used for production of plastic bottles. Newlife™ PET is a particular type of polyester yarn produced from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles and collected and processed in Italy. It has become a certified yarn, used to produce comfortable, high-performance and sustainable fabrics for the fashion industry.

This high-performance textile fiber was born from the joint venture between two Piedmontese companies, Filature Miroglio and the Sinterama Group - a Made in Italy innovation that has already several partners around Europe.

Newlife™ Production Process

Newlife™ PET is obtained through a mechanical process that allows the transformation of plastic waste into yarn. Approximately thirty 1.5L bottles can produce 1kg of recycled polyester and the production process is 100% Made in Italy and 100% traceable.

There are 4 main phases when it comes to the production of the recycled textile fiber:

1. Phase 1: Empty PET bottles are collected and recycled in Northern Italy.

2. Phase 2: Plastic bottles are sorted by type and color and strict quality control methods are applied.

3. Phase 3: Selected plastic bottles are washed and disinfected and ground by a mechanical process that turns them into flakes.

4. Phase 4: Flakes are melted and spun. The produced yarns are collected and go through texturization, a thermal and friction process necessary to give Newlife™ recycled PET volume, elasticity and functional characteristics similar to those from natural fibers.

    Newlife™ System and Environmental Benefits

    In comparison to virgin polyester, producing recycled PET fibers is less expensive in terms of both energy and environmental impact.

    Newlife™ production process complies with all European environmental protection regulations. It is designed to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and the use of water during the production process, without negatively impacting yarn’s quality.

    The mechanical system makes it possible to take advantage of temperature variations for the spinning process, entirely eliminating the use of chemicals. A number of existing resources are using Newlife™ recycled polyester yarns, resulting in a high amount of plastic waste being recycled.

    Thanks to its features, Newlife™ system has obtained several eco-friendly textile certifications including OEKO-TEX, GRS (Global Recycle Standard), and PSV (Second Life Plastic).




    High Quality and Ecological Textile Fibers

    The final result gives life to high performance and excellent quality textile fibers which, once woven, create a sustainable and high performance synthetic yarn with similar characteristics to silk and cotton.

    The recycled fabric has revolutionized norms in the Italian luxury fashion sector and is used to produce KAMPOS swimwear and clothing. After completing the design process, each garment is produced and packaged by our artisans in Northern Italy using the material, among other sustainable materials. The result creates a beautiful and sustainable range of swimwear products, infinitely recyclable after use.

    Characteristics of Newlife™ PET Garments

    Newlife™ recycled PET garments are characterized by the following functional features:

    • Integrated UV protection
    • Antibacterial properties
    • Fast drying
    • Softness
    • Ultra comfort
    • Perfect fit

    For more information about the Newlife™ system, please visit their official website.

    Newlife™ recycled PET: Conclusion

    Newlife™ production system promotes a sustainable approach. The linear and simple process aims at protecting the planet while creating quality, sustainable and high performance products. Newlife™ garments are proof that we can offer sustainable and beautiful products at the same time.

    At KAMPOS, we create an inspiring universe where luxury meets sustainability. We believe that together we can make a difference.

    Environmental pollution, climate change and global warming are just a few problems that have started to gradually affect us. It is our responsibility to find long-term solutions and protect our planet and future generations. Choose sustainability and dive into the world of KAMPOS.