Our commitment

Sustainability is not just a fancy word to us! It's at the essence of our brand and culture. It's an everyday commitment we promise to our customers and our planet. We believe in creating a world with a conscience now and for future generations. KAMPOS is putting our obligation to be a sustainability leader into action in 4 ways:

1. Zero-Plastic Policy: we do not use any single use plastics anywhere in our products or packaging.
2. Conscious Design & Responsible Materials: our design raises awareness of over-fishing and marine pollution that is threatening the Mediterranean Sea and our planet. All products are made of recycled plastic bottles, abandoned fishing nets, or other recycled nylon and/or organic fabrics. 
3. Recyclable packaging: we use recycled materials for our consumer packaging. They are 100% recyclable and are FSC/PEFC certified.
4. Marine Pollution: we’re an official partner of the non-profit organisation, One Ocean Foundation, that plays a key role to highlight and fight ocean issues globally. 

We are official partner of One Ocean Foundation, to whom we donate part of our proceeds for the preservation of our marine environment. One Ocean Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda in Porto Cervo. Through its daily activities, which include education, scientific research, communication and environmental impact, One Ocean Foundation works on raising awareness on environmental protection while stimulating constructive relations between all stakeholders, of varying age groups and involved on different levels, in the preservation of marine ecosystems. Its mission is to accelerate solutions to ocean issues promoting sustainable blue economy and enhancing knowledge through ocean literacy.

One Ocean Foundation’s vision is to provide concrete help to highlight and fight ocean issues globally and to develop a leading platform for the ocean. One of its major goals is to convene, unite and strengthen the voices speaking out for the ocean around the world.