Campaign Summer 2021

campaign summer intro image


There is an air of escape blowing on the famous Sardinian coast, Costa Smeralda. Between a soft and warm sand at the edge of a transparent water and a majestic nature, we dare to escape to discover unusual places and live the present moment. We forget the superfluous and become one with nature. Our history is also our nature’s history. Without it, we would not exist.


We wear white, black but above all colors. There are the coral color, that is inspired by the precious pink and red corals of the sea, the blue turquoise, that is inspired by the Costa Smeralda and the red color, that is inspired by Corallium Rubrum, a rare and precious red coral. We go even further. We venture between land and sea with a cactus forest and a resplendent and surprising marine world. We explore the beauty of each element and we admire our rich, beautiful, and vulnerable nature.


The models, Marica Pellegrinelli and Simone Susinna, meld perfectly into the Mediterranean landscape with their refined silhouettes. The fine and sinuous lines of the female model define the subtle, elegant and feminine traits of the KAMPOS woman. The male model is confident, mysterious and charming, characterizing the KAMPOS man. Together, the female and male models and their outfits represent KAMPOS’ absolute inner values of integrity, respect and freedom.


The campaign was art directed by Roberto Da Pozzo, photographed by Federico De Angelis and coordinated by CARLA POZZI Agency.

Campaign Images