Campaign Summer 2022

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A long-awaited carelessness and a sudden summer cheer.

The KAMPOS Summer 2022 campaign takes us as far as a boat, offering breathtaking views to share with the people we love.

Our bodies are lightened, the heat of the sun kisses our skin and the sea breeze gently caresses us, preparing ourselves to enjoy the warmer days. A crystal-clear sea invites us to dive and enter a new world, made of unique perspectives in which everything seems to be possible. Marine life becomes part of us and we become part of it.

A white veil gives us a new light and acts as a backdrop to intense shades. Impenetrable and mighty, the rocks allow us to find a fresh and solid balance to start the summer with the best smile we have.

The new selection of products aligns with our desires that reveal our confidence and determination. The colors are strong, bright and brave. We navigate between nuances that stand out on the astonishing horizon and among the elegant prints that blend with our beloved nature.

The models, Barbara Nepomuceno and Paul Ferrari, seem to be as a whole with nature. The suavity of the lines of the female model defines the bold and refined traits of the KAMPOS woman. The male model is captivating, charming and energetic like the typical KAMPOS man. From the union of these two, come out the absolute inner values of KAMPOS such as integrity, respect and freedom.

KAMPOS collaborated with Italian photographer Filippo Maffei. Born and raised on the coast of Tuscany (Italy), Filippo is interested in telling real stories and is passionate about capturing powerful photographs. His love for the ocean leads him to undertake several journeys which make his work focalized on travel reportages, portraits, and photography.

Campaign Images