Campaign Summer 2023

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In the heart of Sardinia's enchanting shores, where the sea meets the sky in an eternal embrace, our lens captures a symphony of sunlit dreams. This photoshoot is an ode to the unending summer, a timeless dance of light and shadow on golden sands.

With each frame, we unveil a world where time stands still. Beneath the cerulean heavens, our models become living poetry, embodying the essence of an endless summer. Their laughter, as melodious as the lapping waves, reverberates against the rugged cliffs and silken shores. Our swimwear, a testament to elegance and style, transcends the ordinary, inviting you to share in these captivating moments.

KAMPOS collaborated with Italian photographer Filippo Maffei. Born and raised on the coast of Tuscany (Italy), Filippo is interested in telling real stories and is passionate about capturing powerful photographs. His love for the ocean leads him to undertake several journeys which make his work focalized on travel reportages, portraits, and photography.

Campaign Images