Pop-Up at Credit Suisse

Pop-Up at Credit Suisse

Europaallee 26, 8004 Zürich

In summer 2021, KAMPOS opened an exclusive pop-up at one of the Credit Suisse branches in Zürich. Produced with 100% recycled materials, the pop-up celebrated two iconic KAMPOS products and their materials.

The installation attracted curiosity both inside and outside the branch. Attached to the ceiling, an unknown number of recycled PET plastic bottles were trapped inside a fishing net hanging from the ceiling of Credit Suisse branch.

The Contest

The pop-up was open to public, and visitors could participate in a unique contest. To enter, they had to guess the exact number of recycled PET plastic bottles trapped inside the fishing net; a challenging task but not impossible to complete.

Over 230 participants entered the contest and there were 4 lucky winners who won a KAMPOS product of their choice.