The Reef Club

Become a Sea Defender

We need to protect marine life now more than ever before. Plastic pollution and overfishing threaten our seas, ecosystems and human existence. Join our loyalty programme and become a Sea Defender! Find out more below.


What is KAMPOS Reef?

KAMPOS Reef is not a traditional loyalty programme. We encourage members to shop consciously and sustainability and to recycle KAMPOS products. Members redefine shopping habits and support our mission to protect our seas.

Everyone can join KAMPOS Reef. Everyone can become a Sea Defender.

How does it work?

Step 1: Sign up

Step 2: Start earning points

Step 3: Become Sea Defender

Step 4: Enjoy your benefits and protect the sea

How do you earn points?

- Sign up to our program and earn 50 points

- Shop our products and earn 1 point / € spent

- Recycle a KAMPOS product and earn 350 points

- Receive 10 points for your birthday

What are the Sea Defender's benefits?

- Recycle KAMPOS products and earn precious points

- Free repairs

- Every 500 points collected receive 30€ credit for next purchase

Please read KAMPOS Reef program Terms & Conditions.