FAQs - Brand


We need change, we need greater conscience for a better and more sustainable world for our future and our planet. At KAMPOS, we believe in creating a world with a conscience now and for future generations. We offer high quality, sustainable and beautifully designed fashion products combined with our purpose: raising awareness around over-fishing and tackling the marine pollution that is threatening the Mediterranean Sea. Born from the sea, we propose a life by the sea with integrity.

What are the origins of KAMPOS ?

The brand’s inspiration and origins are derived from our deep and unconditional love for the Mediterranean Sea and the beauty and history it exudes. KAMPOS is derived from κάμπος, a Greek word which translates into “Sea Creature”. In Roman and Greek cultures, it was sacred to Neptune and Poseidon. Considered a symbol of power, authority and good fortune embodying strong emotions and intuitions, we empower these characteristics in everything the we create and do.

Why should I trust KAMPOS ?

In creating KAMPOS, we are challenging the traditional luxury and fashion industry to offer a brand that is committed to embracing social and environmental issues as part of our business model. It involves passion, care and devotion from all of us at KAMPOS, from our suppliers to our whole team. The KAMPOS brand is not a job but a purposeful journey we create and share everyday with our whole heart. We take actions to pursue our purpose and we are 100% committed to our customers who believe in us and our planet that needs us more than ever.